Carbon nanofiber nanocomposite strain gauge sensor

The demand for flexible, stretchable and wearable sensors which can be easily integrated on clothing and apparel, or directly attached on skin continues to grow. One major application is motion detection, which requires highly stretchable and sensitive sensors. Electrospun nanofibers are inherently continuous and randomly oriented in deposition, forming a microscale spring. Carbonization of the electrospun nanofibers enables to form stretchable conductive polymer within embedding elastomers. Carbon nanofibers nanocomposite shows a significant increase in sensitivity (gauge factor) while maintaining high stretchability.

(A) Microscope image of fabricated CNF strain sensor. SEM images of (B)SU-8 nanofiber, (C) carbon nanofiber, and (D) cross-section of sandwiched EPD-CNF sensor.