Carbon nanofiber microelectrode arrays (CNF-MEA)

Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are used in various fields such as neural coding and decoding, recording field potentials for electrophysiology, multisite electroretinogram of explanted retinas, analysis of networks and cells in hippocampus brain slices and biorhythmic reading from cardiac myocytes. The primary function for MEAs is stimulation of electric current and/or recording bioelectric signal from biological tissues or cells.

Our lab focus on better integration of electrodes with neural tissue, improvement in electrical characteristics, and optimization for long-term electrode viability. Carbon nanofiber microelectrodes have shown good biocompatibility and interface with neural tissue, plus improved neural and glial growth, adhesion, and interaction.

Schematic of carbon nanofiber microelectrode arrays(CNF-MEAs) (A). Scanning electron microscope image of fabricated CNF-MEAs(B-C).

SEM image of 7 days in-vitro neural growth on a SU-8 nanofiber electrode(A). Examples of extracellular neural signals and action potentials recorded on CNF-MEAs(B-C).